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I get to be home often but still get good hours"

It’s a laid back environment it’s not hectic or stressful. Everyone, there is friendly and gets along. I’ve been a truck driver for 6 years. I became a driver because the pay was great and steady and I get to travel the states and see the site. I chose Berner Trucking because a friend from driving school worked here and liked the competitive pay and ease of work.

- Andrew Shell

Company Driver since May 26, 2015
Sebring, Ohio

There is a family atmosphere here"

I’ve been with Berner Trucking for over 13 years as a company driver and now a broker. There is a family atmosphere here; employees are treated like family not just workers. I never get work pushed on me and the equipment is always well taken care of so never have to worry about things falling apart preventing me from doing my job. I’ve been a truck driver for 14 years because it was a steady career, truck drivers will always be needed as I saw from watching my family drive. Berner Trucking was a great choice I knew the owners growing up because my dad drove for Berner Trucking, even back then it felt like a family, it’s always been close to home.

- Dave Csonka

Broker since January 20, 2017
Dundee, Ohio

My dad was a truck driver and I always wanted to drive a truck too"

I’ve been driving for Berner Trucking for over 25 years as a broker; it has always provided a steady income to support my family. I became a driver 33 years ago, my dad was a truck driver and I always wanted to drive a truck too. My dad pulled a coal bucket so I started out pulling a bucket as well. I switched to flat bed for about 5 years and wanted to get back into pulling a bucket so I took a job that was brokered through Berner Trucking Inc. giving me that opportunity.

- Bob Mizer

Broker since July 3, 1995
Bolivar, Ohio

I grew up around trucks, been driving my whole adult life."

Working at Berner Trucking is very stable, friendly place, everyone knows your name and I am home every night and the pay is good.

- Bill Heppe

Company Driver since January 2015
Canton, Ohio

Berner dispatch is consistent with my loads."

The guys in the garage keep me on the road and the other drivers are like family, they will help me if I need it. I'm treated like family by everyone. My husband Gordon Flanagan retired from Berner Trucking earlier this year after 10 years of driving and he enjoyed working here also.

- Dena Flanagan

Company Driver since April 5, 2010
Newcomerstown, Ohio

They are really good people at Berner Trucking"

You can make good money if you are willing to work!
Larry worked for Berner Trucking previously for 5 years and decided to come back in 2017, and we are happy he did!

- Larry Lance

Driver, Van Trailer since February 14, 2017 Dover, Ohio

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